Thursday, March 9, 2017

Shut the Box Times Six

Each Christmas I try to make at least a few of my Christmas gifts, especially the ones for the kids teachers. In the past they've been simple cutting boards, small boxes and clipboards. This year I saw plans for a game called Shut the Box which fit with my theme of trying to build a game for the kids each Christmas. It was a bit more involved then a cutting board but I figured if I batched them out it would be worth the effort. In hindsight, even batching them out takes time when you are doing something like this six times. I got the two for the kids school done on time but the rest didn't get mailed quite in time.
Construction is straight forward with finger jointed corners, plywood bottom and floating panel solid top. I have a jig that is permanently set up for 3/8 fingers on the table saw with a flat bottomed dado blade so set up is quick. Making the box is actually quite quick. Most of the time is spent in the glue up and finishing. For the prototype (a 7th box) I hand wrote the numbers but for the next six I bought an inexpensive set of stamps for the numbers. Felt bottoms on a 1/8 inch plywood substrate, brass piano hinges and a wipe on poly finish things up. Easy construction and should last a life time of fun.

For plans you can go to

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